1. Mrs Marlowe New Member

    Brussels, Belgium
    English (UK)
    I would like to make a little sign that reads:

    Attention! Pot of water! Please do not knock it over!

    My difficulty is with the translation/location of "it". Here is my attempt:

    Attention ! Pot d'eau ! Prière de ne le pas renverser !

    Is the "le" in the right place? Do I need an "en" somewhere?

    I'd be grateful for other amendments too! Thank you very much.

    (Context: I play the bassoon and fill a camera-film pot with water in which I soak my reed before playing; it's frequently knocked over no matter how strategically I position it. If a little sarcasm/irony is detected in the tone of my sign that's absolutely fine ... !)
  2. Palin_drome

    Palin_drome Senior Member

    Je dirais: "Attention, ce récipient est rempli d'eau - prière de ne pas le renverser".

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