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I am translating a price list. The prices section is divided in three - price without VAT, with VAT, and the total price. How would you write the headings so as to make them as short as possible? Would "EUR w/o VAT" and "EUR w/ VAT" be awfully informal? I also thought of "EUR, VAT excluded" and "EUR, VAT included" but those seem too long. What would you suggest?
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    Also, if a price given is the minimum price for that service, would it be correct to write, for instance, "cleaning, starting from - EUR 9" or "cleaning, starting at - EUR 9"? The price list is in the form of a table, so the service (in this case, cleaning + starting from/at) and the price (EUR 9) are in separate cells.

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    'W/o' and 'w/' are used in handwriting; I don't think they'd be much used formally. I'd suggest 'excl. VAT' and 'incl. VAT'. (Leave off the 'l' if you're really desperate for space.) The common element 'EUR' doesn't have to be on each heading if you state it once somewhere else.


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    If you want to include EUR and you are desperate for space, I think you can get away with one column just labelled EUR and the next one EUR+VAT. If they are side by side, it will be obvious that the first one is the price without the VAT.
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