Prices that produce a loss


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J'essaie de comprendre cette phrase issu d'un document de référence d'une grande entreprise, qui définit ce qu'est le risque d'inventaire.

"Inventory risk relates to the losses associated with carrying finished product inventory. Losses include obsolescence, shrinkage, or market collapse such that products are only saleable at prices that produce a loss."

J'ai traduit par : "Le risque d’inventaire fait référence aux pertes associées aux produits finis. Ces pertes, liées à l’obsolescence, une démarque, ou à l’effondrement du marché,..."

Mais vu que je ne comprends pas l'idée, je n'ai pas pu finir la traduction. Quelqu'un peut-il m'éclairer ?
  • Docbike

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    The idea is that they can only be sold (saleable) at a selling price less than thhe original cost of the product - hence "at a loss" (for reasons previously stated). Clearer?

    Kelly B

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    Does vente à perte always have that connotation? Here it isn't about dumping, because that's something a vendor does deliberately for strategic reasons. It isn't a matter of strategy in this context - the vendor can only sell the product at a loss because nobody will buy it at a profitable price.
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