Primer Ciclo de Secundaria


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Costa Rica (Español)

Quisiera saber como se traduciria Primer Ciclo ? Se refiere a los 3 primeros años de Secundaria. Estoy traduciendo unas notas de esos 3 años.

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  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean by Primer Ciclo, but in the United States, we seperate grades like this:

    Kindergarten (ages 5-6)

    Elementary school:
    First Grade, 6-7
    Second Grade, 7-8
    Third Grade, 8-9
    Fourth Grade, 9-10
    Fifth Grade, 10-11
    Sixth Grade, 11-12

    Junior High:
    Seventh Grade, 12-13
    Eighth Grade, 13-14

    High School:
    Ninth Grade (Freshman), 14-15
    Tenth Grade (Sophomore), 15-16
    Eleventh Grade (Junior), 16-17
    Twelfth Grade (Senior), 17-18

    Hope that helps.
    You see, different countries organise their studies differently...

    so what is primer ciclo in, say Costa Rica, can be ESO in Spain or the last year of primary school plus the two initial years of secondary/high school in another country... so that does not mean much if it is out of context.

    So I would say. 1st year (out of e.g. 5), 2nd year, etc...