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-- (........) Back then, the world was divided in two. Vicious predator, or meek prey. (........) But over time, we evolved. And moved beyond our primitive, savage ways. Now, predator and prey live in harmony.
Zootopia, cartoon

The word "ways" on itself sounds strange here. I'd expect ways of (something):confused:
Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    It's not unusual. The idea is "ways of life, habits, customs" etc.
    Am I right that this is this meaning of "way"?:
    18. BEHAVIOUR [countable]
    someone’s typical style of behaving, especially when it seems different or unusual
    be (just) sb’s way
    Don’t worry if she’s quiet – that’s just her way.
    Esther quickly changed the subject, as was her way.

    strange/funny/odd etc ways
    We all have our funny little ways.
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