1. kasia Senior Member

    "primo" means cousin, does the expression "primo hermano" means first cousin?
  2. vikingo44 Senior Member

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    Hi Kasia:
    Yes, "primo hermano" is first cousin, son/daughter of my mother's/father's sister or brother.
  3. MiriamArg Senior Member

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    Hello, Kasia.
    You got that right.
    primo = cousin
    primo hermano = first cousin
    primo segundo = second cousin

    Whether you use 'primo/cousin', or 'primo hermano/first cousin' will depend on the context, but most of the times -unless you are mentioning second cousins as well- just 'cousin' will do. It'll surely be understood that you're referring to a 'first cousin'.

  4. kasia Senior Member

    thank you so much!
  5. J3551C4 New Member

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    I was looking for a website to reference this term and it seems everywhere I look it is listed as first cousin, and this seems incorrect. Wouldn’t it make more sense this way?

    Primo/a – first cousin
    Primo/a segundo/a – second cousin


    Primo/a hermano/a denotes a very close relationship and it should be used for people who are first cousins on BOTH sides of the family. Meaning that person a and person b’s fathers are brothers, and person a and person b/s mothers are sisters (nothing weird. two brothers from one family marry two sisters from another), making the biological connection much closer than that of regular fisrt cousins (primos) who are typically related on only one side of the family.

  6. I just came across this sentence: "Dios dijo hermanos, pero no primos". I had translated this as "God said brothers, but not first cousins". However, since then I have found another meaning of the word primo, and I believe it would make more sense to translate as "brothers, but not suckers". Does anyone agree? Quotation is from La Table de Flandes (Perez-Reverte).
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