prior to such cancellation

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Hola!no entiendo bien a que se refiere, estoy traduciendo unos terminos de venta es para cancelaciones dice así:

the contract price of all Products completed prior to such cancellation;
  • mameytree

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    Bienvenido al foro, Nosepo. Estoy de acuerdo que hace falta más contexto. Te sugiero que leas las reglas del foro para que te podamos proporcionar con la mejor ayuda.


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    In the absence of more context, I am going to guess that the contract allows the buyer to cancel an order of products which are to be fabricacted by the seller, but if the buyer cancels the order at a time when some products have already been fabricated, then he has to pay the seller for all the products that were fabricated before the seller (the fabricator) received the notice from the buyer that the buyer was cancelling the order. A bit wordy on my part, but perhaps that helps explain the meaning (if I have guessed right).
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