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I'm translating a Judicial Certificate of Criminal Record from Peru, and an entry says "Tipo de Pena: Priv. Lib. Condicional". I have translated it as "Type of Sentence: Eligible for Conditional Release upon Assessment by the Judge of Vigilance of the Penitentiary" in a *Translator's Note* and I think that is the correct translation for "Lib. Condicional" but I'm a bit doubtful about what "Priv." means. Does it mean "Privativa de Libertad Condicional" and if that is the case, what is the translation please?

I'm wondering if 'Priv.' means that the prisoner has to stay in jail for a period of time before being released. Conditional liberty in this entry means the permission to a prisoner normally for their good behaviour, and it only affects the latter part of the sentence (1/4 of the sentence).

I'm grateful for any help please.
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    It’s an abbreviation for “Privativa de Libertad Condicional” and it means that the otherwise due prison sentence has been replaced by an alternative conditional sentence, subject to revocation if conditions are not fulfilled. (It may still carry some prison time, however, followed by the probationary period). See applicable legislation below, in Ref to Art. 57 of the Penal Code.

    It is a form of “Probationary Sentence”. (You cannot tell from the abbreviation whether a minimum amount of prison time was required to be served.)


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