Private road. No trespassing!


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Read the texts 1—6. What does each text say? Choose the correct letter A, B or C. Mark your answers on your answer sheet.
TEXT 1. Warning! Private road. No trespassing!

What is forbidden to do?

A. To cross the road in this place. B. To enter the area. C. To drive private cars.

I don't really know what to choose A or C...


  • sdgraham

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    This is not a good test question, because "no trespassing" in AE does not mean "do not enter." It's more complicated than that.

    "No trespassing" (AE) normally allows access by persons having a legitimate reason for entry, e.g. business with the occupants of any living quarters that may be there.

    I have a similar sign on the 1/4 mile private road to my house and certainly get deliveries, repair services, visits by friends, etc.
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    Hermione Golightly

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    I think it's the same in the UK. You can use the road if you have a legitimate reason. 'Private road' can also mean that the people living on it have to maintain it, even if other people in fact use it as a thoroughfare. I haven't researched this because I'm sure we have the correct answer in B.
    Neither A nor C makes sense, unless the person being tested had absolutely no idea about roads, perhaps a nomad from Outer Mongolia.

    I imagine that all those familiar with urban cultures would realise that a road which forbad private cars would be ridiculous, although there are roads here which forbid vehicles above a certain size.

    Similarly, if crossing this 'private road' at certain points was forbidden, the notice would be worded very differently. I would be very surprised if a public highway crossed a private road and if people on foot who are legally on the land on either side of this private road, could be prevented from walking across it.

    So I don't think there's any serious cultural problem with the question. The testee (is that a word?) only has to know what 'crossing' and 'private cars' means. You can get it right, even if you don't know the verb 'trespass'.
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