"proactive, intelligence-led operation"


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I have some doubts concerning the following sentence:
The Met said the shooting happened as armed officers were conducting a "proactive, intelligence-led operation" at about 2225 BST.
Does intelligence-led mean here:
a) that the action was conducted by the secret organisation that gathers information for its government (i.e. intelligence)?
b) that the action was conducted to get the information (i.e. intelligence)?

At the beginning I thought it's b but I'm starting to hesitate.:confused:

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    This is a combination of jargon and "spin". They don't want people to think that it was just luck that brought the arrest.

    So with "pro-active", they are saying that it was a police intiative.

    And with "intellingence-led" that the police were acting on information that they developed.

    The actual truth might be that the police had a snitch that said, "Go to the Met and make the bust."

    But "Pro-active, intelligence-led" sounds so much better than a "tip from an informant."
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