probably be shirtless

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"Right. Right! See, Paradise Lost is all about th war between heaven and hell, the first temptation and downfall of man, and the creation ofthe devil - but he is a kind of sexy, complicated devil; probably "be" shirtless most of the runtime."

Source The Brainstorm That Led to Hollywood s Most Unlikely Remake

Paradise Lost is a movie title. I'd like to know if it is grammatically wrong to leave off "be" (probably shirtless )here? Thanks
  • entangledbank

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    Without it, the phrase beginning 'probably' is more grammatically integrated into the rest of the sentence. With 'be', it sounds like a new sentence, with the opening functional words dropped as in colloquial speech:

    . . . but he is a kind of sexy, complicated devil. [He'd] probably be shirtless most of the runtime.
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