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    Hello, I'm from Macedonia, I'm working on a book about customs, legends etc. in a region in Macedonia. So, the informers mentioned a name Surudji Bogdan, and also there is a village Baratlia, which obviously originate from the Turkish language. Can somebody help me about the etymology of those nouns - Surudji <...>? Thank you very much!

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  2. peptidoglycan Senior Member

    surudji: sur içi: inside the rampart

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  3. Sashh New Member

    <...> I don't think its from sur içi, because the suffix seems like in the nouns that explain profession or rank, maybe. Like bozadji, bojaddji....
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    Arabic surūjī means “saddler”, from surūj “saddles”. I assume it is used in Turkish too.
  6. ancalimon Senior Member

    In Turkish, "sürücü" means driver - rider - herd master - ~banisher - ~exiler from Proto-Turkic: *sǖr-

    -(ü)cü suffix is the same thing as English -er suffix
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