Probation at work - 수습 기간?


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a better term than 수습 기간 for probation as in a workplace setting.

Naver gives me the below but I haven't heard anyone using 수습기간 before. Please correct me if I'm wrong but for some reason that doesn't sound natural to me.

2.(직장에서의) 수습 (기간)
a period of probation
수습 기간

Any thoughts?
  • pcy0308

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    Hello Mack&Mack,
    Probationary period (or simply, probation) sounds perfectly fine. In case you don't find it to your liking, apprenticeship is a commonly used synonym. It puts emphasis more on the fact that whoever in question (most likely a new employee) is going through a training/learning period.

    Googling gives you trial period, noviciate, and traineeship (less common) as alternatives.
    Hope this helps.