problems / tasks from / of the test or exam

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Hullo everyone.
I'm writing about an imaginary computerised
notebook to do your homework and help you with tests. I have to say how it works and I wrote down that you open it and tell it what you have for homework or you write the problems ot tasks from the test or exam. But at the minute I wrote this last sentence, I found myself wondering which the appropriate preposition with 'the test' in this context is. I'm too not sure whether to use tasks or problems. In my point of view, 'problem' refers to maths and 'task' to any type of exercise you have to do. <<Second question deleted. Please start a new thread for a new question>>
Appreciate all your answers.
Thanks in advance.
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    It would depend on what the exam consists of. I wouldn't use tasks. I might use problems; this word is not restricted to mathematics. I might also use questions.
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