procès-verbal de réception à titre isolé


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Hi everyone,
I'm having trouble understanding this expression in a French technical document:

le procès-verbal de réception à titre isolé « matières dangereuses » du véhicule avec constat de conformité

Here's what I've managed to piece together:
procès-verbal = statement
réception à titre isolé = single vehicle approval inspection (I'd like to post the link where I got this but I can't because I'm still a new member! - anyways it was with help from completefrance dot com)
matières dangereuses = hazardous materials
constat de conformité = compliance report (?) = or is it rather "a report that has found it to be compliant" --> compliance "finding" or something?

So my attempt:
the statement of the vehicle’s “hazardous materials” single vehicle approval inspection with a compliance report

Ugh. I hope I'm not violating any terms of use with this post!
Thanks for your help
  • bh7

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    protocol of single-vehicle approval inspection of "hazardous materials" with certificate / report / acknowledgment / finding of compliance

    (In the attached certificate/report/acknowledgment s.o. in authority certifies that the vehicle load has successfully passed the inspection.)
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