procéder de la manière suivante

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Hello everyone,

I'm having a hard time with this verb.

Currently, I'm trying to translate the following sentence :

"Je te propose de procéder de la manière suivante : ....."

My try : "I suggest we do as follows : ...."

Although I believe the sentence is correct, I'm not fully happy with it and I'm tempted to use the verb "proceed" instead but I'm not 100 % sure.

In a more general context, when I check the definition of the verb "proceed" given by the Cambridge on line I notice that it is a synonym of "to continue (being done)" or "to do something after you have done something else" (proceed to do something) or even ""to head in a particular direction".

None of these definitions seem to fit with the verb "procéder" in French whereas I've seen it frequently used by non natives, maybe in a wrong way.

exple : to proceed with your reservation, ....

A lot of french speakers would translate it as follows : pour procéder (effectuer) à votre réservation, ....

In other cases like : procéder à la rédaction d'un contrat
procéder à une expertise, etc.

I don't see proceed as suitable.

So fake friend ? Does anyone have a good summary as to avoid any confusion between "procéder" and "proceed" ?

Many thx in advance for your replies.

  • cropje_jnr

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    I don't think it is a false friend, as it suits in both examples.

    => I suggest we proceed as follows. :tick:
    => To proceed with a reservation. :tick:

    A common equivalent for the second context is "to go ahead with".
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