procedente de la heredad

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    I am translating the deeds for some property and am stuck on the phrase 'procedente de la heredad'.

    It appears in the description of the land itself in the following sentence:

    "Pieza de tierra de secano, sita en el término de XXXX, procedente de la heredad, casa Trabal, es la parcela seis-B del plano de la distribución de la finca matriz."

    This is how I have understood it:

    "Piece of dry land, located in the XXXX district, originally part of Trabal House, it is plot six-B on the distribution plan of the whole estate."

    I'm not sure if this is a correct interpretation of 'procedente de la heredad' which I suppose literally means 'coming from the inheritance'!

    Any help gratefully received - many thanks!
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    I understand that a state, "Casa Trabal" was divided in the process of inheritance.
    The 6-B part in the plane is the "piece of land"

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