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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by salmi71, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. salmi71 New Member

    Ciao, come si traduce in inglese " in caso di mancato pagamento il mio cliente procederà legalmente nei vostri confronti" ?

  2. TimLA

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    In the event of non-payment, my client will take appropriate legal action against you.
  3. konungursvia Banned

    Canada (English)
    In case of non-payment, my client will initiate legal proceedings against you.
  4. salmi71 New Member

    Grazie mille ho mi vanno bene entrambe
  5. gettingby Senior Member

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    Hello! I have a question using procedere with regard to the law, so this seemed a good thread to attach it to. I can't give too much context as this is a confidential paper.
    In Italian it's possible to say procedere nei confronti di (name) ...meaning, I think, undertake legal action (maybe the madre lingua can confirm?).
    We would say "start proceedings against (name)" wouldn't we? HOWEVER, this makes me think of a lawsuit. I need to translate a police document, so it needs to mean
    "investigation, then arrest" ..must I add "criminal proceedings" to get that across? Thanks.
  6. Tunalagatta Senior Member

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    Which direction are you translating from --> into? What is the original phrase / sentence that is causing you trouble, and can you give it to us in full (confidential info aside)? It's a little unclear as it stands.

    Thanks :)
  7. gettingby Senior Member

    Am. English
    Hi Tunalagatta,
    From Italian to English. It's a letter rogatory with text something more or less like "Nell'ambito del procedimento penale xxx, relativo alla vicenda di xxx, stiamo procendendo nei confronti della Signora x"
  8. alicip

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    Italiano ITA-Romeno ROU-Inglese AmE
    If this is a letter rogatory/rogatory letter/letter of request, I am sure you are aware that letters rogatory can be used both in civil and criminal matters, and have been used in administrative matters as well. Assuming that Signora X is being taken to court for a criminal offence, I believe you could translate it as follows:
    "start legal proceedings against Signora X" or "take legal action against Signora X".
    Definition of letter rogatory:
    "Letters rogatory is a formal communication in writing sent by the Court in which action is pending to a foreign court or Judge requesting the testimony of a witness residing within the jurisdiction of that foreign court may be formally taken thereon under its direction and transmitted to the issuing court making such request for use in a pending legal contest or action."

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