procedimiento de ofrecimiento de pago y consignación

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  1. máxima_estrella

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    US English
    Alguien sabe el término para este tipo de procedimiento en inglés? It refers to when, for example, a company does not want to be paid, but you want to leave payment with the court so that it is on the record that you have tried to make the payment....

    Answers in Spanish or English are welcome!


  2. David

    David Banned

    procedure for offer of payment and assignment for collection by the court
  3. máxima_estrella

    máxima_estrella Senior Member

    US English
    Thanks for your help. "Procedure for offer of payment" does not show up in Google even once for me, making me suspect it is said some other way in common practice.

    Any other ideas out there?
  4. helpful girl New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    ¿Conseguiste el termino en ingles para "ofrecimiento de pago y consignacion"?
    De ser asi, ojala pudieras ponerlo.
  5. piraña utria

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    Spanish - Colombian with Caribbean nuanc

    Veo por todos lados con Google "payment into court". Pareciera que con la referencia a "court" en el sintagma se entendiera todo lo demás, incluyendo que es un trámite judicial.


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