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procedure (to execute & to repeat)

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by brian, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)

    Let's say I have a "procedure" of 5 steps. How do I say:

    execute (do) this procedure
    repeat this procedure

    In theory, I would hope that a specific context is unnecessary--I'd like to be able to say this about any procedure. But if it will help, the context is about how to install a drive belt onto a machine, and the installation contains various "procedures," which in turn are described in steps. Some of the procedures must be done more than once. My try:

    Führen Sie dieses Verfahr aus
    Führen Sie dieses Verfahr noch einmal aus
  2. Frank78

    Frank78 Senior Member

    "Folgen Sie dem Verfahren"
    "Beginnen Sie das Verfahren von vorn" (start again at the beginning)
  3. Kuestenwache Senior Member

    By the way a procedure is rather "eine Prozedur". "Das Verfahren" is more a method. "Verfahrensweise"-"a way to do something". It is not wrong to use Verfahren in your context of course. A "Verfahren" can incorporate many "Prozeduren".
  4. berndf Moderator

    German (Germany)
    Häufig passt aber "die Prozedur" besser.
  5. Welshie

    Welshie Senior Member

    England, English

    Verfahren ausführen.
    Verfahren wiederholen.

    Unless you are giving a direct order to someone, I guess using the infinitive is better, no?
  6. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)
    Thanks. This related thread explains the context a little more. It is a (re-) tightening procedure for the installation of a drive belt--Montage von Antriebsriemen und Spannungsprozedur ?

    So I will use:

    eine Prozedur aus- / durchführen
    die Prozedur wiederholen / noch einmal ausführen / noch einmal durchfürhen

    I had wondered whether Prozedur would be better, but I'm alway unsure of using Latinate words instead of Germanic words, since often they seem to be synonymous and the Germanic word is more common/easily understood.
  7. Kuestenwache Senior Member

    Where at the Germanic version of "Prozedur" (lat. procedere)would be rather "Durchführung" than "Verfahren", at least that is the closest to direct translation.
  8. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)
    True, but a lot of the definitions I saw for English composite terms like ____ procedure were of the form ____verfahr in German. That's why I thought *Verfahr was the appropriate word for procedure.
  9. berndf Moderator

    German (Germany)
    To my knowledge, "_verfahr" does not exist, only "_verfahren". Where did you find that.:confused:
    There is "Verfahr_" as in "Verfahreinheit" but that is a different word. It is derived from the verb verfahren in the sense of to move.
  10. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)
    Oh, you're absolutely right. :eek: (Click!)
  11. sokol

    sokol Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria; raised in Upper Austria
    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    I like "Prozedur", and at least in Austria the Latin noun also is still used frequently - that is, "das Procedere":

    Procedere ausführen
    Procedere wiederholen

    Personally I prefer "Procedere" because to me "Prozedur" sounds somewhat - well: banal :D - but that's probably just me and "Prozedur" might work fine for most people.

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