Procesos judiciales

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  1. Kim Gordon Senior Member

    Hola a todos,
    Quería ver si alguno de ustedes podría revisar que tengo los siguientes términos bien. Es un documento sobre reformas en algunos juzgados en Colombia y habla de diferentes tipos de procesos que se realizan.

    procesos declarativos - declaration processes
    procesos ejecutivos - executive processes
    procesos constitucionales - constitutional processes

    y algo más, está bien decir processes o es mejor decir cases?

    Mil gracias!:)
  2. Yerok

    Yerok Senior Member

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    I'm not exactly sure of the context, but I'm 90% positive you should use cases. Also, perhaps declaratory or declarational cases, instead of declaration cases.
  3. Kim Gordon Senior Member

    Thanks for the declaratory correction. Would proceedings work instead of cases and processes? I think it fits better, do you agres? just to give you some more context, it is a document on judicial reform and talks about the reduction in the backlog of cases. Apparently courts have reduced the time they take to resolve cases. I just wrote a list of some types of cases that I keep running into and just wanted to make sure I had the correct terms.
  4. Yerok

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    Not being a law expert, I'm fairly certain that proceedings are a lot like hearings, where you go to state your case. As far as I know about politics, you don't have to have a proceeding/hearing to put forth a case. I hope that makes sense. So, I think you should use case, in this context. Processes would not make much sense, at least to me.
  5. Kim Gordon Senior Member

    Thanks, that makes sense.
  6. Juan Carlos Garling

    Juan Carlos Garling Senior Member

    Spanish Chile/Argentina
    existe también legal proceedings = procedimientos judiciales
  7. NANCY M Member

    Coincido con Juan Carlos, creo que es "proceedings", y tambien con Yerok en que seria mejor "declaratory proceedings" en lugar de declaration.

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