process of reluctance, acceptation...

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Castilian Spanish and Catalan
As a Spanish speaker, this is the most difficult sentence in my essay. I mean that:

- "science shops" represent a bottom-up approach because were created by grass-roots groups

- like other social movements, in the earlier stages goverments showed reluctance, later on, they accepted it, and lastly, due to the success of these practices, they have been introduced as policies.

My question is whether the English grammar of this sentence makes sense according to the above-mentioned background.

Science shops belong to this bottom-up approach and like other popular initiatives they have gone through the process of reluctance, acceptation, and plan of political action by authorities.
  • sandpiperlily

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    Very interesting question! I wonder what a "science shop" is?

    I might rephrase your sentence this way:

    "Like other popular initiatives, science shops have been adopted from the bottom up. Governments were initially skeptical, but eventually accepted science shops and incorporated them into public policy."
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