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The legal and judicial processes marginalise minorities and isolate them from the national mainstream, through the process of separate electorates.

Les processus légal et judiciaire marginalisent les minorités et les isolent du grand public de la nation par le biais du processus d'élections séparées.

It means
System of election to legislatures which divides voters along the lines of their religion or ethnicity; designed to ensure that each religious or ethnic group can elect their own representatives. Used in India, prior to Independence, to guarantee representation for religious minorities; and in New Zealand, for Maori representation. Separate electorates have been criticized as socially divisive, and for privileging one aspect of social identity above all others.
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    electorate = électorat m, électeurs .

    election = élection , scrutin

    pas forcement des élections separées, mais par des groupes (religieux etc.) (electorates) divers

    ça n'a pas le même sens (en anglais)
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