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    Hey everyone, I'm having problems with the phrase "processo cieco" in the following sentence:

    "Questa e', certo, un processo cieco, generato dalle logiche tecnico-economiche, ma puo' anche essere la condizione di un divenire umano senza limiti, che inventa l'humanitas dell'uomo emancipandolo dalla moderna coazione a far conincidere "senso del mondo" e Verita'."

    My attempt:

    "Of course, this is a [processo cieco] generated by techno-economic logics, but it can also be the condition of becoming human without limits, which invents man's humanitas by emancipating him from the modern compulsion to make Truth coincide with "the meaning of the world."

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Elisfay,
    I've looked at your sentence, and googled a bit, and found it used in similar ways.
    For example, I found a sentence talking about Darwinism as a "processo cieco" in religious terms.

    I wonder if something literal, or near literal might actually work here.

    Of course, this is a blind process generated by...
    Of course, this is a random process generated by...
    Of course, this is a hidden process...
    Of course, this is an obscure process...

    And probably many more figurative ones.
    Let's wait and see what the experts say...
  3. elisfay New Member

    Thanks, TimLA. The literal might work, I mulled over those Darwin passages etc. as well looking for some insight, I'm just worried that there's an idiomatic meaning I'm missing. Some more context: the "Questa" here refers to globalization and the circumstances/events leading up to it, so I'm guessing the "cieco" here is standing in for "unplanned/unorchestrated" or something similar.

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