produced an overlooked ace


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This is an extract from the novel This side of heaven by Karen Robards.

For years she had been little more than her father’s shill, the glittering enticement he had used to lure fools for his fleecing. Marcellus Wetherby’s victims had ogled his beautiful daughter covetously while he palmed a card or produced an overlooked ace, never realizing until their purses were considerably lightened that they were not to be consoled for their losses in the way they had imagined.

Would you like to give me the meaning of "produced an overlooked ace" in this case? Thanks.
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    Marcellus is cheating at some kind of card game. The people he is playing with get distracted by his daughter, which allows him to hide a card, or return a card from where he had hidden it. Aces are presumably a useful card in whatever game he's playing, so being able to play one when needed would allow him to win.
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