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    Can 'Produktionsverfahren' also refer to an internal division/department of a company, and if so, what would it be called? Production processes department? I am doing a translation where there is a clear indication that this is the case, as they are talking of forwarding exernal communications there '..diese die Produktionsverfahren weiterleiten...'

    Thanks for any input
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    Would not make sense to me.
  3. oostnic Senior Member

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    Maybe it's a term specifc to this company? It's definitely some sort of division, as they talk of an IT program acting as an interface between 'Partner und den Produktionsverfahren', whereby the application passes on messages between the two
  4. Kajjo

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    Yes, maybe it is internal slang of this specific company.

    The sentence sounds odd and not idiomatic. Obviously, it is meant in a way as to pass on the message to all departments involved with production or developing production processes.
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    Thanks. Yes, I agree it sounds odd - there are a lot of phrases in this text that are a bit weird. Think it was written without much care :(

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