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    How do you say "profesor de cátedra" in English? A "profesor de cátedra" is someone who teaches in a university but has another main job somewhere else, generally related to the subject he teaches. This kind of teacher only teaches his particular subject and is paid per session, while a "profesor de planta" works mainly as a teacher and is often engaged in research for the university. A "profesor de planta" is in a tenure track while a "profesor de cátedra" is not.
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    If I were you, I would somehow explain the difference between both of them.... That's the best I can do... Sorry!
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    ¡Hola! Yo creo que a lo que te refieres es a un "Catedrático". Aquí en España, un Catedrático es un profesor que ha superado una serie de exámenes para poder dar clases en la Universidad y a la vez, realiza investigaciones con el campo determinado al que se dedica. Llegar a ser Catedrático es muy difícil y la mayoría lo logran a una edad muy avanzada. No sé si es eso a lo que te refieres. En inglés, la traducción para Catedrático sería "Professor". Espero haberte ayudado.
    Un saludo.
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    hola, para profesor de catedra o catedratico yo tambien diria "professor" en ingles. Ahora, lo que tu dices, profesor qe se dedica a otro trabajo aparte de dar clase, eso se llama profesor asociado. "associate professor".
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    I am a profresor de cátedra, which means I am not a full-time employee of the university. I sign a new contract at the start of each semester, and this contract only lasts one semester. A profresor de planta, on the other hand, is a full-time employee of the university, with all the benefits of a full-time staff member (i.e. get paid for holidays etc.).

    Not sure how this would translate in English, but a profesor de planta is considered as a full-time member of staff, whereas a profesor de cátedra is on a fixed-term contract.

    Hope this helps
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    Hello! Can someone help me with precise translation of "Jefa de Residentes de la Cátedra de Obstetricia"

    thank you!
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    Hola, aunque puede ser un poco tarde, yo también estaba buscando como traducir "Profesor de cátedra" y esto fue lo que encontré:

    Adjunct professor: someone who does not have a permanent position at the academic institution; this may be someone with a job outside the academic institution teaching courses in a specialized field; or it may refer to persons hired to teach courses on contractual basis (frequently renewable contracts); it is generally a part-time position with a teaching load below the minimum required to earn benefits (health care, life insurance, etc.), although the number of courses taught can vary from a single course to a full-time load (or even an overload).

    An adjunct is generally not required to participate in the administrative responsibilities at the institution often expected of other full-time professors, nor do they generally have research responsibilities. The pay for these positions is usually nominal, even though adjuncts typically hold a Ph.D., but most adjuncts also hold concurrent positions at several institutions or in industry.

    Adjuncts provide flexibility to the faculty, acting as additional teaching resources to be called up as necessary; however, their teaching load is variable: classes can be transferred from adjuncts to full-time professors, classes with low enrollment can be summarily canceled and the teaching schedule from one semester to the next can be unpredictable (furthermore, if the university makes a good faith offer to an adjunct professor of teaching during the following semester depending on enrollment, the adjunct generally cannot file for unemployment during the break). In some cases, an adjunct may hold one of the standard ranks in another department, and be recognized with adjunct rank for making significant contributions to the department in question. Thus, e.g., one could be a "Associate Professor of Physics and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry."
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    Buenas Noches Catavelezo!

    Aunque veo que nunca volviste a participar esta es la mejor explicación de lo que es un Profesor de Cátedra, por lo menos en las universidades de Colombia. Te agradezco por todos, ojala volvieras.

    So, for future consultations:
    Profesor de Cátedra = Associate/Adjunct Professor a diferencia de:
    Profesor de Planta/de Tiempo Completo = Full Professor


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