profession intermediaire

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  1. ismailaguisse New Member

    Je souhaiterais savoir la traduction en anglais de 'Profession intermédiaire'.

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  2. frenchaudrey Senior Member

    French, France

    Pourriez-vous donner un contexte ou une définition de ce mot ?

    Comme ça, ce serait plus facile de vous aider :)
  3. ismailaguisse New Member

    Bonjour et merci d'avoir repondu si vite.
    En fait, profession intermédiaire constitue une profession qui regroupe les instituteurs,les infirmiers,etc...
    tout comme la profession Cadre et profession libérale regroupe les ingénieurs,professeurs,etc...
  4. mapping Senior Member

    Lille, France
    France, French
    I'm not sure but could it be "middle-class jobs" ?
  5. frenchaudrey Senior Member

    French, France
    Je dirais la même chose que Mapping.
    Peut-être faudrait-il demander confirmer sur le forum "english only" pour être sûr qu'un Anglophone comprend ce dont il est question :)
  6. babyburns Senior Member

    London, England
    French, lives in the UK
    I think you mean "mid-management" position...
  7. Merle Senior Member

    Limoges, France
    "middle-class" est surtout un terme économqique = classe "profession inermediare" groupe les "jobs", ça serait peut-etre "professional group" en générale..."health-care professionals" pour les infirmières, medecins, etc. "service professionals" (vague mais utile pour ceux qui rendent service...serveuses, coiffeurs...)faut savoir quel groupe vous voulez indiquer...ou "professional group" tout simplement...
  8. ismailaguisse New Member

    Before I asked this question to you, I thought it mean "intermediate profession". What do you think about it? It's a litteral transcription
  9. Monsieur Hoole Senior Member

    Canada English

    You could also say white collar jobs

    I wouldn't say intermediate profession, it sounds like a temporary stepping stone on the way to a different career.

  10. motjuste Senior Member

    English - UK
    I'm trying to translate this list of job categories and am REALLY stuck on the 'profession intermédiaire'.

    2. Artisan, commerçant, chef d’entreprise
    3. Cadre, Profession libérale
    4. Profession intermédiaire
    5. Employé
    6. Ouvrier

    here is what I have so far
    2. Tradesperson, Shop or Business Owner
    3. Manager, Accredited Professional
    5. Administrative, Sales or Service Occupations
    6. Manual labourer

    Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.
    Merci d'avance.
  11. Draper

    Draper Senior Member

    Paris and Tours (France)
    France ; French
    middle-level jobs does exist, but this is perhaps exclusively dedicated to salaried workers; in that case it would not embrace, for example, the liberal profession.
    So, it would be better to use intermediate occupations.
    This is the official English definition of the phrase :
    "Positions not involving general planning or supervisory powers, in clerical, sales, service and intermediate technical occupations. Positions in this group are 'mixed' in terms of employment regulation, i.e. are intermediate with respect to the service relationship and the labour contract." See:
  12. motjuste Senior Member

    English - UK
    Thanks for your input Draper. So it appears that 'Intermediate Occupations' is the correct translation. I just can't imagine an english person choosing this as his or her job category in the above list. It's very confusing!!
  13. Draper

    Draper Senior Member

    Paris and Tours (France)
    France ; French
    You're right but in French language, and obviously in English as well, this phrase is exclusively used, to my knowledge, in a technical meaning (statistics), to categorize a working population. So, we don't enter a drawing room telling: "Hello! I exercise an intermediate occupation..."
  14. motjuste Senior Member

    English - UK
    I suppose I just need to know whether the person answering the questionnaire will be filling it out directly or whether there is an 'enquêteur' doing it instead.
    Thanks again.

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