Professor vs. teacher and instructor

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    What is exactly the difference between these three words? I'm writing my resume in English, and I'm not sure when I can use each of them.

    I know a professor is a person that teaches at the University level, but can you say "Teacher of Spanish Culture" or "Instructor of Spanish Culture" to refer to a professor of Spanish culture?

    In other words, are "teacher" and "instructor" more general than "professor", or do they refer to a different category (ie, primary & secondary school)?

    Thank you

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  3. Teresa68

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    Spanish (Spain) & Galician
    Thank you. nYour post was very useful
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    teacher vs. professor: when and where we should use each term? What about lector? tutor?
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    There are differences between the varieties of English used. 'Teacher' (traditionally also 'schoolmaster', 'schoolmistress') is used at school.

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