profoundly / extensively led to great famine

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The fact that the community consumed the store of food _______ led to great famine within the area where disaster took place.

A) consciously
B) profoundly
C) glamorously
D) extensively
E) intellectually

I think the correct answer is (D) extensively. Does (B) profoundly works as well here? Does collocation play an important role in this question?
Thanks a lot.
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    None of them is right in my opinion. Responding to the "correct" one, I would say that you don't consume extensively, although consuming all the food could lead to an extensive famine.

    Just take the blank out and you have a sentence. :)

    Another clue that this is a non-native English question is the use of "where disaster took place." We would use "the disaster" if we were referring to a specific disaster that "took place."


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    F) None of the above.

    And I would be prepared to take it up with the head of the "English" department. :)


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    I agree with Copyright. None of these adverbs could possibly describe the manner in which a store of food was consumed or how the consumption led to famine. Did this question actually appear on a test in school?
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