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Profundización curricular

Romina Mendoza

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Hello everyone.

I am having a hard time finding a translation for these terms into English. My first option is "in-depth programm/curriculum" or "curriculum development". The original document is a Bachelor´s degree in primary education.

Any suggestions?

  • Bevj

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    English (U.K.)
    Welcome to the forum.
    Please explain exactly where you found this phrase. Is it the title of the document? If it is contained in a sentence, please give us the whole sentence.
    Here you can read the forum guidelines, which explain how to open a thread. Thank you.

    Romina Mendoza

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    Thanks Bevj for your welcome message.

    I found this phrase in a certificate and it´s contained in the following sentence: "Graduado en Educación Primaria con Mención en Profundización Curricular por la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria".

    Hope it´s much clearer now.


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    No, it isn't much clearer, because we don't know what it refers to.

    Looking on their website, it looks like this Profundización Curricular is a series of diverse elective classes, each one delving into a different curriculum (math, sex ed, citizenship, nutrition, etc):

    Aulas Y Escuelas Interculturales
    Bienestar Del Docente
    Enseñanza Religiosa Escolar Católica
    Taller De Hábitos Posturales Saludables
    Educación Afectivo-Sexual Para Primaria
    Educación Para La Ciudadanía
    Nutrición Y Salud: Aspectos Básicos
    Recursos Informáticos Para Matemáticas De Educación Primaria I
    Recursos Informáticos Para Matemáticas De Educación Primaria Ii
    Taller De Educación De La Voz

    It sounds like what universities in this area would call a concentration in a certain area... but I'm not sure how I would translate the whole phrase. A concentration in what?
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