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Please can you help me? I'm translating a medical article on Restless Legs Syndrome, but I can't understand what the first sentence means. Here is the text:

"...Progression of the disease by age of onset (when RLS symptoms occur before the age of 50 years) is often more insidious, while symptoms arising after this may occur more abruptly and more severely."

I think it could mean something like "La progressione della malattia dall'età della manifestazione..." but it doesn't sound good and it doesn't make sense.
I would be very grateful if someone would help me.
Thank you
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    My try:

    La progressione della malattie in base all'età di prima manifestazione (ossia dove i sintomi RLS si presentano prima dell'età di 50 anni) risulta spesso più mascherata, mentre i sintomi che compaiono successivamente possono verificarsi in modo più improvviso e con severità maggiore
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