projection of changes in the utilization of occupations by industry

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Jin akashini

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Hi everyone,

I have read a paper on employment projects of Australian, and there is a sentence I do not understand fully,

Can you give me clearer explanation if possible:

" The BLS occupational employment projections were reasonably accurate, correctly capturing most general occupational trends. As with previous evaluations, however, the inaccuracies that surfaced reflected a conservative tilt to the projections. The primary source of error was the projection of changes in the utilization of occupations by industry, or staffing patterns, rather than the projections of industry
employment themselves".

I have no idea on the red highlighted sentence, Please help me to explain it :(

Many thanks,
  • Rhye

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    English - American
    I think what is meant is that they think they know how many people the industry itself will need to employ, but they don't precisely know how many staff members smaller, individual branches of companies will need—and that leads to some potential error in the predictions. I reckon, however, that "staffing patterns" is some sort of governmental/business jargon and the intended audience would therefore be able to understand the paper more easily than a layman (like me).
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