proliferation vs escalation vs augmentation

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Here is a sentence from my homework at school
"In the new economy, the desire for the new product , service or next big thing is an addiction , and technology simply accelerates the pace of change :the noise , the ..........(proliferation, escalation, extension, augmentation) of new goods and services"
I think " extension" goes with "to" => wrong
I chose "escalation", which goes with "of", but my teacher chose "proliferation", why?
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    Proliferation means to increase in number, whereas escalation means to increase in scale or intensity. So, I'd agree with your teacher here, as it's the number of new goods and services which is increasing fast.

    Having said that, the whole sentence is badly written, in my opinion. From the colon [:] onwards, it makes little sense, and sounds incomplete.

    As an aside, note that you don't need to insert a space before commas and other punctuation marks.
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    Augmentation merely means an addition to something. It doesn't necessarily convey any sense of speed.

    A dictionary might help in differentiating these words.;)

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