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  1. locco7_2000

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    Good morning! :)

    I was looking at the word 'prominent' in the wordreference dictionary and it says a number of things.. but the one's that might apply to my context are 'grand' et prééminent, I think. :confused:

    Funny, because I was thinking of just saying reconnu :D.


    The Hotel has easy access to Johannesburg’s most prominent businesses and the International airport.


    "L'hôtel a facile accès aux entreprises de Johannesbourg le plus reconnu et à l'aéroport international :rolleyes:

    Or was it..
    L'hôtel a d'accès facile..
    I remember it being something like that when I was studying french at university. :D

    Merci. ;)
  2. jierbe31 Senior Member

    French from France

    Your analysis is quite interesting.
    As a native speaker though, I would say : L'hôtel offre un accès facile aux plus importantes entreprises de Johannesbourg et à l'aéroport international.:)
  3. holzff New Member

    France- french
    I don't like very much "offre un accès", which may be ambiguous. Isn't plain "L'hôtel est proche des....." more to the point ?
  4. jierbe31 Senior Member

    French from France

    I don't think so.
    "...easy access to..." doesn't necessarily mean that the mentioned businesses and airport are near the hotel. Or am I wrong?
  5. locco7_2000

    locco7_2000 Senior Member

    No, I dont think you are wrong. :)

    If one says 'near' in the translation... it strays from the original text.

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