Promoción interna

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  1. rotor Senior Member

    Madrid/ Spain
    Hi guys,

    How can I say in English promoción interna.
    The context: I am assessing a company's promotion policy and I want to word the idea that good workers are promoted and the high functions of the company are always developed by people coming from lower levels.

    Thanks in advance.
    Please, correct my English, I am always learning.
  2. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    I think just the word-for-word translation of "internal promotion" is fine here.
  3. rotor Senior Member

    Madrid/ Spain
    Thanks a lot. Sometimes the answer is the easiest one.
  4. León del desierto New Member

    México - Español
    Hola. Estoy traduciendo un texto sobre administración donde aparece lo que creo es un equivalente en inglés para promocion interna:


    El contexto es:

    A promotion-from-within policy is intrinsic to career development and human resource planning.
  5. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

    Vancouver (Canada)
    Eng (Canada)
    Es una frase bastante común y suena bien.

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