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    Hello, i am talking about being a property developer...I was wondering if all that I have written is correct and if there are words that may be better than the ones that I have used. Thank you

    Quiero ser promotor inmobiliario. Si los impuestos no son demasiado elevados y la hipoteca que tendré puede ser saldo rápidamente, pienso que es una buena elección porque si tengo éxito, tendré mucho dinero y podré hacer más lo que quiero, mientras que la vida sería mucho más difícil cuando tenga un trabajo que no me interesa y no gano mucho dinero………

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    Hello, Monsieur, and welcome to the forums...

    You did a good job, although some corrections are needed... Now, it would help a lot if you include your original text, or what it is exactly that you want to say... :)

    Hope this helps!
  3. MonsieurAquilone Senior Member

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    Your corrections were invaluable, thank you.

    I knew my spanish idiom was not perfect as the paragraph had no english translation.

    I appreciate all your help.


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