prong-type plug-ins

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‘No. E-readers have prong-type plug-ins. This one was wider, like for an electronic tablet. Only my iPad also has that kind, and the one in the bathroom was much smaller. That cord was for some kind of handheld device. So I went upstairs to look for it.’
Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

What is the difference between plug and plug-in? It is for the plugging that goes into the power socket, right? The other side that goes into the e-reader is called connector, right?

Can I describe my iPad's plug as prong-type plug-in? I am not sure about the wider as all plugs need to fit into the same socket width.

Thank you
  • JamesM

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    I believe Mr. King is talking about the end that is inserted into the device, not the end that is inserted into the outlet.

    I'm not sure why "prong-type" is used here. Normally you can't have a single prong and all the charging cords I'm familiar with have only one connector. I think he means that it's a narrow, pointed connector rather than a wide one.
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