Pronoun order, subject pronouns and object pronouns

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Hello, I have a question about pronouns in the English language:
I know that when you use multiple pronouns as a subject, you must keep the pronouns in the subjective form eg:

He and I were watching television. Instead of the non-standard way: Me and him were watching television.
My question is, is there a specific order?
Does the first-person pronoun have to come after the second, and after the third? Because I don't think it's natural to say:
I and you or I and he instead of You and I and He and I respectively.
The same question goes when the pronouns are the object of the sentence: He talked to Them and Me.
  • Andygc

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    It's a convention to have the first person pronoun last - he and I went for a walk, Fred and I went to the pub, Joe went with Fred and me.
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