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Discussion in 'Nederlands (Dutch)' started by Banbha, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Banbha

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    He daar! :)

    I'm really confused as to how I should pronounce the letter 'w' in Dutch!
    I don't know whether I should pronounce it like an English 'w' (eg water) or a German 'w' (eg Wasser)?

    Is it that its pronounciation depends on the region eg Amsterdam vs Rotterdam vs Eindhoven vs Flemish dialects or is there little difference??

    Also does it depend on the position of the letter 'w' in the word
    eg the beginning (wie,waar,warrom,wanner, waar?)
    ....middle (afschuwelijk, beeldhouwwerk?
    ....end of a word (gauw, jouw, nieuw?)

    Or do both factors come into account? If some native Dutch and Flemish speakers could verify this I would really appreciate it because I really dont know how I should say these words (with respect to English or German 'w') :)

    Thank you in advance!!
    Dank je wel;)
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  2. Frank06

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    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)

    First of all: welcome to WR and the Dutch Forum.

    Secondly: we already have a few threads about this issue:
    - Dutch 'V' and Dutch "w", confusion
    - Difference between w and v

    We'd like to suggest that you read in those threads and post your questions in one of those threads. We are closing this one.


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