Pronunciation, " ə " " ɪ "

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Mexican spanish
Bueno es que he aprendido todos los sonidos del ingles a excepcion de esos 2 no puedo
necesito saber como debo poner la boca de todos los demas sonidos hay muchos videos donde te enseñan pero de esos 2 que son tal vez los mas usados no
y yo no los capto con solo oirlos

como se pone la boca o como se pronuncian?


dO << SOBRE TODO aquo no escucho el sonido ə

ayuda como se pronuncian?
  • grubble

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    British English
    Here is a pronunciation dictionary. To hear the different "i" sounds, try alternating between "ship" and "sheep" and see if you can detect the difference.

    he above gives British pronunciation but I am sure if you search online for pronunciation dictionary you will be able to find an AE one.

    Wordreference itself allows you to compare US and UK accents by clicking on the loudspeaker symbol. It takes too long on Wordreference to swap between ship and sheep to hear the difference.

    You will notice a considerable difference between US and UK pronuciation of "ship" for example.

    To get the schwa sound, here is a tip. Relax completely, relax your tongue, relax your cheeks, allow your mouth to fall open only slightly as though you had fallen asleep in your chair.

    Now vocalise. This produces the schwa sound!
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    Mexican spanish
    Grubble thanks a lot

    well in fact it's important for me to notice the different sounds between American and british English :)

    I wouldn't like to mix them:thumbsup:
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