Pronunciation: 一根 (儿话音)


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I was reading the following sentence in a Chinese article today: " “有烟吗?来一根。”
I know that 儿话音 is optional and (almost?) never necessary, but is it possible for "一根" in this context to be pronounced with 儿话音?(If so, would this be for 北方话 in general, or just 北京话?)

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    儿化音 is tricky; some of 儿化音 are for 北方话 in general, some of them are only for 北京话. “根” and “根儿” are both correct in this sentence, but “烟” or “烟儿” depends on the situation.

    “给我一根烟儿” :cross:
    “给我(一)根儿烟”:tick:(it is a real thing, and “烟” is its name)(is correct both in Beijing and Shaanxi dialect)
    “快看,那辆车都冒烟儿了”:tick: is correct but maybe the smoke is lighter than the sentence above. (is correct in Beijing)
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    北京话 and many 北方话 will surely use 儿化音 on 一根. i.e. 一根儿烟.
    But 北京话 never uses 儿化音 on 烟 (cigarette).
    I don't know what dialect says 一根儿烟儿.

    北京话 only use 儿化音 on 烟(smoke). i.e. 冒烟儿了.


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    I think 一根儿烟 is commonly pronounced with 儿化, also because 根 as a 量词 is more common in the North. In the South (at least in Zhejiang) people say 一支(香)烟.