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    I was reading a headline today which included the name of a Buddhist monk: 延参法师. 我想问一下:would the pronunciation of the second character 参 in a given name usually be [can1, to participate] or [shen1, ginseng] (or are both possible) ?

    Thanks in advance/谢谢!
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    Here I think it should be can1.

    In a given name, both ways are possible. 岑(cen2)参(shen1), a famous poet in Tang Dynasty.

    Strictly speaking, 延参 is not a normal given name. It is a 法号, a name for religious use. One should forget about the real world to some extent if he becomes a monk. The things to forget include one's family name and given name. A monk is called by his 法号.

    Here 参 does not mean 参加(participate). It is more like 参悟 according to my understanding. My dictionary gives the English meaning of 参悟: understand (mystery) from meditation.
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    Thanks, lucia and tarlou, for your replies!

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