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    I was watching the 2013年CCTV春节联欢晚会 today and saw that one of the announcers' names is "撒贝宁" (__bei4ning2). Seeing as 撒 is a 多音字, should his surname be pronounced Sa1 or Sa3 (assuming it is one of those two.. )?

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    I think I always hear him called sa1bei4ning2.
    But maybe I heard wrong.
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    He belongs to 回族, 祖籍广东. So the "correct" pronunciation is probably sǎ3 if he descends from 广东道宣慰使都元帅哈散·赡思丁, who was the second son of 赛典赤·赡思丁·乌马尔 (Sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din Omar), a Persian Muslim from Bukhara.
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    Thank you all for your replies! It looks like the correct way is indeed Sa3, yet all three pronunciations are sometimes used (two of which may be considered erroneous - Sa1 and Sa4). 谢谢!
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    I'm not sure how his family name should be and used to be pronounced, but now it's called sa4 in most programmes, including CCTV and other interviews.
    It's interesting that Margaret Thatcher, the ex-Prime Minister of the UK, is pronounced as sa1 qie4 er3 (撒切尔) by the media in Mainland China.

    EDIT: links of some programmes mentioned their names
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