Pronunciation: 漆黑 (Taiwan)


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刚才在汉典查“漆黑”这个词,发现台湾《国语辞典》的注音是ㄑㄩˋ ㄏㄟ (qùhēi),请问在台湾这个词的标准读音或者实际流行读音是这样的吗?
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    I've always pronounced it ㄑ一1 and people around me also pronounce it this way. But ㄑㄩ4 is recorded in the official dictionary here, too, as the vernacular pronunciation (語音, as opposed to 讀音).
    黢黑,音 quhei。常见的还有 黑黢黢的
    I didn't know this word (although I could guess its meaning). Thanks for letting me know how it should be pronounced.