Pronunciation: 芝麻糊

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  1. yuechu Senior Member

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    I have a question about the pronunciation of "black sesame paste" 芝麻糊 (used for 汤圆, etc) in Chinese. The dictionary I consulted just now has the definition of "paste" for both the pronunciations hu2 and hu4. Which pronunciation would be more proper/common here?

    Thanks in advance/谢谢!
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  2. Skatinginbc

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    Mandarin 國語
    This is how I pronounce it: zhi 1, ma (輕聲), hu 2.
    Hu2 ==> noun (e.g., 漿糊), adjective (e.g., 模糊), adverb (e.g., 煮糊了), verb (e.g., 裱糊)--All those uses have something to do with "paste" or "paste-like" conditions.
    Hu4 ==> verb (e.g., 糊弄 "to deceive, to fool").
    I'm not sure if my pronunciation is the "proper" one.
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  3. tarlou Senior Member

    I also say hu2 in 芝麻糊. (Though in 浆糊,模糊 I often use 轻声.)
  4. yuechu Senior Member

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    Thank you both for your replies! I think hu2 must be the correct one. (CEDict contains the odd error sometimes... I'm pretty sure "paste" should only be for the hu2 pronunciation, and not hu4)

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