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  1. Daniel López Senior Member

    Hello everybody:

    My question is whether the "th" in Anthony is pronounced /t/ or as in "both". I have heard it many times, however in my native language people would use the pronunciation "th" as in "both" or "think".

    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

  2. Kibramoa

    Kibramoa Senior Member

    Heart of Texas, U.S.A.
    Spanish - MX
    Anthony = It's pronounced as th in both or think.

    However if you use Tony [the nickname for Anthony], then the t in Tony it is pronounced as a /t/.

  3. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    In the UK, "Anthony" is nearly always pronounced "Antony".
  4. elirlandes

    elirlandes Senior Member

    Dublin & Málaga
    Ireland English
    I have never heard it with a Theta sound. I would pronounce it as though it were "Antony".
  5. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Much the same here, but in casual Irish speech it slips further - nearly into "ant knee".
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Generally in the US, the th is pronounced as theta, as Kibramoa said. However, some US dialects (like New York ;)) use a barely-there t, so in these dialects, it does sound more like Dlyons' ant knee.

    We could just agree to call all Anthonys Tony to avoid this problem.... :D
  7. Amandla

    Amandla Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    Both pronunciations are totally correct. The /t/ one is more of a British origin though.
  8. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain

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