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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Little_LIS, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Little_LIS

    Little_LIS Senior Member

    Excited is pronounced as Exsited..

    Is there another possible pronunciation like egzited?

    Does it exist or is it just a common mistake?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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  2. cyberpedant

    cyberpedant Senior Member

    North Adams, MA
    English USA, Northeast, NYC
    I've never heard "egzited," I would probably hear it as "foreign." I would not consider it a "common mistake" for a native speaker.
  3. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

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    Well, Dr.S, in my experience I wouldn't call it a common mistake, no. In fact, when I say it out loud to myself it sounds very unusual.
    Excited = ek-sited
    (Exited = eg-zittid)
    Despite both words being formed e + x + [vowel] + ted, I'd class the pronunciation you've heard as highly idiosyncratic: I'd expect that word to be spelt *exighted.
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  4. nzfauna

    nzfauna Senior Member

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    New Zealand, English
    In NZE:

    [EX-SAE-TID], where EX rhymes with sex, sae ryhmes with eye, and TID rhymes with lid.
  5. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    This word is pronounced [ɪkˈsaɪtɪd]. Look here (click on "Show IPA pronunciation").
  6. JulianStuart

    JulianStuart Senior Member

    Sonoma County CA
    English (UK then US)
    But - eggzistence is not an eggstreemly eggzajhurated pronunciation of existence, right?
    I would also say ex-itted, as egg-sitted would not sound quite right, as egg-sited sounds weird also for excited. (Woops, I have tacitly agreed with Ewie that exit can be used as a verb in English - Latin would require exiit for 3rd person singular)

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