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Hi everyone,

Ther is no context to provide.
I wondered how you pronounced the contraction "It'll" of "It will":


'It'll take me about one hour to get there'

(1) Do you hardly pronouce the "'ll", saying "It take..."?

(2) Do you pronounce "It'll" a bit like "ittle" in "Little" (for example)?

(3) You pronounce it an other way (between 1 and 2, maybe?).

Hope I explained it well.

Thank you very much in advance.
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    I pronounce it'll with a syllabic /l/, and it rhymes with brittle or spittal.

    I think it's possible to not use a syllabic /l/, in which case you need to put in a schwa /əl/.


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    Sorry if that looks like complete gibberish to you Maxzi, but it's the IPA way of how I would say it. Basically with a glottal stop and then followed by a schwa and a dark-L.

    I am not sure whether to agree with ewie, because he says the way that rhymes with little, and I am not sure what that pronunciation is, because little can be pronounced as [lɪʔɫ] (with syllabic-L), [lɪʔəɫ], [lɪtɫ] (syllabic-L again) or [lɪtəɫ]. If it's any of the first two he meant, then I agree.
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