Pronunciation: malgrat/Malgrat


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How do you pronounce the preposition and noun malgrat and the toponym Malgrat as in Malgrat de Mar?

In dialects where unstressed a is normally reduced to /ə/, would you reduce the first a in malgrat and Malgrat? (In other words, in dialects where it's not reduced, would the first a in malgrat and Malgrat bear secondary stress?)

For malgrat, DCVB transcribes "maɫɣɾát" but Wiktionary transcribes məɫˈɣɾat in Eastern Catalan. For Malgrat, ICGC transcribes the first a /ə/.
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    What the DCVB says makes sense from an etymological point of view. But I'd say reduction of the first a is what most of us, native Eastern speakers, do. I too pronounce both the preposition and the town with a schwa indeed.